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As a thank you to all our followers this Labor Day, E3 Supply Co is giving away our full “Gotham Kit”. This includes a Horween watch strap in your choice of 18/20/22mm, E3 moto Keychain, Tactical Keychain V2 w/ multi tool, E3 Quick Release Camera Wrist Strap, and E3 Slim Holster Wallet. Retail $220.00. To enter- repost this image, follow @e3supplyco and tag #e3scgiveaway . One random follower will be picked on Tuesday, Sept 2nd at 5pm sharp! 

Robert Crumb - A Short History of America

"Comic book artist and illustrator Robert Crumb created this series of 12 drawn panels in 1973 as a comment on what was happening to the American landscape. This 12-panel poster shows how the built environment has changed throughout the decades of American life. The 12 panels show the evolution of a patch of American countryside from bucolic nature to train stop, from homestead to small town, and finally to an electrified, crowded contemporary scene."

(Source: mgworld4)